The Walking ED™ is a live action adaptation of the popular cartoon series “Ed Edd N’ Eddy” made original by Danny Antonucci & Cartoon Network. Aside from bringing the world of Danny Antonucci to life, the series is also a spin off of AMC’s popular drama/horror “The Walking Dead©”. Director, writer and producer Matt Madjerich first came up with the notion of a live action film for the Eds in February of 2012.

“I woke up one morning and thought to myself ‘how cool would it be, to bring a cartoon, such as Ed Edd N’ Eddy, to life?!’ and from that moment, I knew I had a job to fulfill.”

As many can imagine, pulling together a team of artists and producers to feat such an endeavor is quite the task.

“It’s been an arduous process trying to put all the right minds together and trying to make sure everything fits…
The idea alone requires A LOT of dedication, and is very very time consuming. Basically, for the time being, our crew is comprised of a small group of very talented individuals, myself included. We hope to eventually broaden our horizons and adapt many more into The Walking ED team.”

Meet The Creator/Director – Matt Madjerich

DSC_0746Born in the small town of West Mifflin PA, at a young age Matt Madjerich had a keen sense of direction for his life, and a strong aspiration to be a professional at many things. At a young age he began memorizing lines from the animated film “The Lion King” and recited them word for word; His parents were astonished. As the years progressed, his love of media grew, and Madjerich, at age 12 began producing extremely low budget, independently produced films.

“I’ve really always had a fascination with acting, films and just everything that revolves around the entertainment business. Creating works of art has always been my true passion, even from a young age. I got my hands on a camera for the first time at age 10, I believe, and it was full throttle from there on out.. Filming everything I could possibly film. It was madness ha ha!”

As Madjerich entered High School, his love of acting, directing and multimedia flew to new heights, and grew much stronger. In his Junior year of high school, Madjerich and his rambunctious group of friends produced a short film that was slightly familiarized with “Tropic Thunder“, which is better known as “Normandy: 1944“. The film initially had a serious approach, but as production commenced and filming began, comedic aspects managed to infiltrate the overall plot-line, and it turned out being a semi-serious comedy. Madjerich is most known for his role as Reverend Clark in the short film, ‘The Minister’s Black Veil‘. The short film was a success, and has been featured on countless websites.

“Since being out of high school, I’ve always been in the process of trying to raise the bar more and more for each project I undertake. I believe that it’s all about putting 100% in to EVERYTHING and never giving up, no matter how hard things might get. I’ve always believed that hard work and a positive, optimistic attitude will get you the best results possible. Directing, Producing, Acting, Editing, all of it.. I love it. I’ve learned SO much on my own and I’m super proud of myself for it. There’s no doubt in my mind that The Walking ED won’t be a success.. Even if it doesn’t go over as planned, I can know that I atleast gave it my all & there’s pride and joy in knowing that.”

The Official Walking ED Synopsis

As night falls on Saturday, October 28th, Ed, Edd & Eddy prepare to meet the author that managed to pique Eds interest in legitimate novels, and not just comic books; A new startling revelation for Ed; and what better way to prepare themselves, than watching a D-rated horror film?

Amidst the dull moans and shrieks of terror emanating from the TV, Edd (Double D) insists that they all get a good night’s rest, lest they be late to find a good spot in line. As Eddy & Edd situate themselves in their sleeping bags, Ed decides to stay awake for a few more hours and read a comic book or two.

He loses track of time and hours fly by; 5:00 AM rolls around and Rolf, The Son of a Shepherd, requests Eds assistance in maintaining & preparing his crops for the harvest. Ed obliges Rolf. After hours of work, Ed returns into his humble basement abode, awakening both Eddy & Edd. Wreaking of manure, Double D forces Ed into the shower, and hopes he knows how to properly clean himself. They then plan to make their way into town.

Little do they and the rest of the Teens in the Cul-De-Sac know, that an infection is about to erupt.. And change their world, Forever.

A noxious infection breaks out in the Cul-De-Sac they live in. Causing the dead to rise, and those bitten, to die and rise again.